Workshop ad I-ESA 2012

I-ESA 2012
The International Conference on Interoperability for Enterprise
Systems and Applications
Shaping Enterprise Interoperability in Future Internet
Universidad Politècnica de Valencia, Spain

20th March 2012 (Doctoral Symposium)
20th - 21st March 2012 (Workshops)
Conference: 22nd-23rd March 2012

Standards improving Enterprise Interoperability benefits for a service oriented Future Internet

(20th - 21st March 2012, in conjunction with I-ESA 2012 Conference)

chairs: Piero De Sabbata and David Chen

Workshop scope:
New paradigms at technological and business level, like cloud computing and SaaS, and new domains, like smart energy grids, are demanding for a new generation of standards related to interoperability. The workshop aims to discuss and identify new challenges and opportunities.
Standard adoption and standard based interoperability assessment are still problematic in real life collaborations in enterprise networks.
The workshop aims to discuss hampering and spreading factors.

Topics (non-exclusive list):

  • interoperability standards for the Future Internet, for example Cloud Computing and Internet of Things
  • contribution of applicative level standards to Enterprise Interoperability
  • advancements in 'applicative level' standardisation for services; for example SaaS/PaaS paradigms, business modelling
  • standardisation related to interoperability in specific domains, like Energy production/management paradigms like smart energy grids and related
  • collaboration within the financial sector and e-procurement
  • standard based conformance and interoperability testing, assessment and training
  • learnt lessons and problems of adoption and implementation of interoperability standards in SMEs networks in industry sectors and public procurement


  • Supporting Interoperability in Smart Grids
    Josè González, Christian Dänekas, Jörn Trefke, Mathias Uslar
  • A model to analyse critical factors in B2B interoperability standards life cycle
    Arianna Brutti, Piero De Sabbata, Gessica Ciaccio, Angelo Frascella, Cristiano Novelli
  • Management of Metadata and XML Schemas for justice interoperability
    Pim Keizer, Pim van der Ejik
  • Global eBusiness Interoperability Test Beds (GITB) Facilitating Large Scale Projects in Europe
    Oriol Bausà, Christine Legner

    WORKSHOP E2 scheduling

    Wednesday 21 march 2012,
    Room 4
    9.00 - 13.00 (coffee break 10.30 - 11.00)
    Full conference and pre-conference program: click here

    Further Information about this Workshop

    Enquiries to:
    Piero de Sabbata, ENEA, Italy (piero.desabbata@enea.it)
    David Chen, University of Bordeaux2, France (david.chen@u-bordeaux1.fr).

    Further Information about I-ESA Conference

    Since several years, I-ESA (Interoperability for Enterprise Systems and Applications) is the major event about Enterprise Interoperability and the official conference of Virtual Laboratory for Enterprise Interoperability (INTEROP-VLab) with the sponsorship of the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) and the International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC).
    Web site: www.i-esa.org
    VLAB Web site: http://interop-vlab.eu/events/the-interop-vlab-events/i-esa

    Registration to the Conference and Pre-Conference will be open by December, 1st 2011. Fees are viewable at www.i-esa.org.
    Conference venue (note between the 15th and 19th of March, Valencia is celebrating its Fallas festivity).

    Scientific committee:

    • Piero De Sabbata, researcher at ENEA and member of I-VLAB Standardisation Group, Italy (co-Organiser),
    • David Chen, researcher at University of Bordeaux 2, France, (co-Organiser),
    • Martin Zelm Cimosa, CIMOSA and co-ordinator I-VLAB Standard Group,Germany
    • Dumitru Roman, researcher at SINTEF, Norway
    • Ricardo Goncalves, researcher at UNINOVA, Portugal
    • Peter Potgieser, elected CEN Representative in the EU e-Invoice Multistakeholder Forum
    • Mathias Uslar, researcher at OFFIS, Germany
    • Kurt Kosanke, Germany
    • Andrew Watson, Vice President & Technical Director Object Management Group, UK
    • Martin Forsberg, Senior Consultant - Business Integration, Ecru Consulting, Sweden
    • Hervè Panetto, Professor, CRAN, CNRS, Universitè de Lorraine, France
    • Kai Jakobs, researcher at Aaachen University, Germany
    • Oriol Bausà, editor in CEN and general manager, Invinet Sistemes, Spain


WEB - Slide delle presentazioni
Workshop E2, slide delle presentazioni su sito VLab.eu.

Log: WS-IESA2012-pg

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